Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Hiding...Deep in the Congo

OK, I'm actually in hiding in the hallway between the kitchen and the bathroom. Either way, I have commenced evasive maneuvers to shake The Toddler. Also, this spot have excellent coverage for my in-home network, so hey- it works. So sue me. Or call it child neglect. Don't care - we're on each others nerves like ducks on popcorn this morning.

He is happily munching away on the cheese and bologna plate I made him for lunch. I can hear him laughing at Oswald in the next room. All is good. If only the damn Wonder Mutt weren't next to me emitting near-fatal meatloaf farts, all would be right in my world at this moment. It doesn;t help that when her ass explode, she gets up an throws an accusatory glance my way. That dog has no idea where her body begins and ends. I swear.

Jack woke up in a mood this morning. All day he has had to have some part of me touching some part of him. I am guessing there is some developmental spurt coming. Potty Training would be fantastic. We have had interest but, as yet, no success. Baby steps, I guess.

Busy rest of the week. We have a very unfortunate funeral to attend tomorrow. Details too gruesome to report here. He was a colleague of Osi's and Osi is friends with his dad. After that, we'll go to the house where the family is siting shiva. Always a bowl full of fun.

Friday we're going to see the Browns, who we haven't seen in ages. It's good to catch up with the friends from high school. She's really the only high school friend I have stayed in touch with. That is, if you don't count Face Book, to which I am completely addicted. It is great to see all kinds of old acquaintances pop up there. Also interested to see who asks to be your "friend" and who accepts your "friend requests." At any rate, I can wast hours just looking for people on Face Book. I highly encourage you to join, so I can cyberstalk you, too, while hiding in a hallway :)

Oh Lord. He is repeating "Broken, sorry" in the other room. Better go see what he is sorry about breaking.

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naomic3 said...

I think I was a worse mommy yesterday--Nick's whining just got SO on my nerves. As usual, he "needs" me to be in the bathroom while he and Elliott take their shower. WTF???? This is the only time I get to 1) load the dryer, 2) clean the kitchen--not evan loda the dishwasher, just pile stuff in the sink, 3) make lunches for tomorrow, 4) make them and extra snack because neither one ate much of dinner, 5) check my e-mail or websites, 6) maybe, just MAYBE catch a shower of my own since I had to leave the gym all sticky and pick them up at 5. Let it suffice to say, I had one nerve left and after that broke, there was yelling and spanking of naked soapy butts that were supposed to be in the shower but yet were out in the hallway. When I got them out of the shower and got in myself, I had to slam and lock the door while Nick pounded and screamed--and it just pissed me off more. You don't even want to know the things I said next. So I'm a little ashamed, but mostly justified. No wonder some animals devour their young...