Thursday, June 19, 2008

Auntie Feebs to the Rescue

Naomi (aka The Feeb) saved the day last Saturday, and swooped in to keep my child from himself for three hours or so while we introduced my parents to the wonder that is The Movie Tavern. Beer, food and Iron Man all in one seating? Aw sookie sookie! Many thanks to my Feebster Friend.

See, that is what I like about the Cashmere Mafia. I know any one of them could call me or I could call any one of them and in a pinch we would watch each others' kids, no questions asked. I really can't even say that about my family. Seriously. God bless the girlfriends.

Osi and I are off this evening to Quail Hollow Resort in Painsville for our weekend getaway. Our main goal here is to SLEEP. I've told him that I would like to sleep until 11, order room service, take a nap, then take a shower, go find some dinner, return to the hotel and go back to bed. That is pretty much my plan for the three nights we are there. Oh - and I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow. My parents are being tagged in at 8 p.m. tonight. They seem to fear the toddler. I don't have it in my heart to tell them that they are entirely correct to have fear in their hearts. He will dominate them.

I am off to finish the million things that need to be done before we leave.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Babysitter Woes

Arg. The babysitter I had lined up for the next 2 nights canceled on me - FOR BOTH NIGHTS. OK, ok. I understand people get sick and she did sound admirably hellish when she called. I was really looking forward to introducing my parents to the wonders of the Movie Tavern this evening. Tomorrow we were supposed to go to Karen's graduation party in the afternoon. a major bummer on both account.

The Sitter Connection is not set up for the quick turnaround of sit requests - especially on weekends, so I am basically screwed. Don't get me wrong. The Sitter Connection is great if you have an engagement you know about well in advance - great, safe, experienced sitters. Just not a quick turnaround.

OK, I am going to quit moping now and see if I can find a solution. that your phone ringing?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Day

I spend a lot of time blogging about how tired I am and how much crap I put up with. So when I have a good day -or in this case, a few of them strung together - I thought I should share those, too.

We started the week back at the doctor's, because, as it turns out, Jack's ear was once again infected, as were his sinuses. However, once we were on Zithromax for two days, his mood really started to improve. It seems once he started to feel better, we ALL started to feel better, if you get my drift.

This week has actually been pretty amazing. Wednesday has been the best day in recent memory. We played outside in our own little "splash pad" for a while and read a few books before discovering that - holy smokes! - we have an on demand channel that has Thomas the Tank Engine on it! Yowza! That is a jackpot for my Thomas-crazy 2 year old. We spent the after-nap time playing and just generally being silly. I LOVE silly days where everything is funny and we sing and dance. MAN do I love being a mommy on those days!

Last night Donovan came over while Melissa went out with the girls. He is so extra-awesome with Jack. Seriously, I want to adopt him and have him move right in. Apparently, a 7 year age difference is PERFECT for having kids. Or at least for having these 2 particular kids. They adore one another. That made last night pretty easy.

So far so good today. Erin, Derek and the Jakester are coming over to play in our back yard splash pad this afternoon. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and no one goes home with third degree sunburns. Mom and Dad are coming over tomorrow and then there is Father's Day and the Baskind Bash, so it is turning into a Bonzer weekend.

I have my fingers crossed that putting it into writing hasn't jinxed me. My horoscope says that for the next three days I'll be working behind the scenes on something and that I should only tell my plans to those I trust implicitly. Well, no big plans here - at least none that I am covertly working behind the scenes on. I guess we'll see what develops! Oh the intrigue!

Friday, June 6, 2008

'Roid Rage

So Jack is allergic to Omnicef, which just happens to be he best antibiotic for ear infections. We found this out the hard way, of course. After 8 days on Omnicef, the poor kid turned into a giant hive in the course of 2 hours. He went from no hives to looking like a leper with measles in just over 90 minutes. This is on top of also be allergic to penicillin. Zithormax - not unlike Obi Wan -is our only hope.

So after a trip to the pediatrician, J was put on a step down dose of Orapred - steroids - and Benedryl, both twice a day. The Benedryl made him loopy, which was fun to watch, but after two days on the Orapred, he was a tiny ball of RAGE. When he wasn't pissed, he was sad. This was NOT fun to watch. I didn't give him the steroids yesterday morning and called the pediatrician. After waiting all day for a call back, they finally told me to take him off of the Orapred and just double up the Benedryl to make sure the hives don't come back. Oddly, the Benedryl seems to make him wake up at 5:30 like a little internal alarm clock. This is also filed under the not fun category.

We did take our tiny ball of rage to the end of the year picnic at the JCC last night, though. We had a truly enjoyable time. He loved the splash pad, which is great. This gives us something to do this summer. As you'll recall from earlier Blog posts, last year at the pool was all about the gate at the baby pool. So Mommy's ass was on display for the entire Jewish community while Jack blithely opened and closed the gate. This year we may actually make it INTO the water. That would be bonzer. Jack also enjoyed the playground at school. The boy loves a good slide.

If the infernal heat dies down tonight, we may set up the splashy pool in the yard and have a go at it. However, if it is still 602 degrees in the shade, we're all just going for ice cream instead.