Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Day

I spend a lot of time blogging about how tired I am and how much crap I put up with. So when I have a good day -or in this case, a few of them strung together - I thought I should share those, too.

We started the week back at the doctor's, because, as it turns out, Jack's ear was once again infected, as were his sinuses. However, once we were on Zithromax for two days, his mood really started to improve. It seems once he started to feel better, we ALL started to feel better, if you get my drift.

This week has actually been pretty amazing. Wednesday has been the best day in recent memory. We played outside in our own little "splash pad" for a while and read a few books before discovering that - holy smokes! - we have an on demand channel that has Thomas the Tank Engine on it! Yowza! That is a jackpot for my Thomas-crazy 2 year old. We spent the after-nap time playing and just generally being silly. I LOVE silly days where everything is funny and we sing and dance. MAN do I love being a mommy on those days!

Last night Donovan came over while Melissa went out with the girls. He is so extra-awesome with Jack. Seriously, I want to adopt him and have him move right in. Apparently, a 7 year age difference is PERFECT for having kids. Or at least for having these 2 particular kids. They adore one another. That made last night pretty easy.

So far so good today. Erin, Derek and the Jakester are coming over to play in our back yard splash pad this afternoon. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and no one goes home with third degree sunburns. Mom and Dad are coming over tomorrow and then there is Father's Day and the Baskind Bash, so it is turning into a Bonzer weekend.

I have my fingers crossed that putting it into writing hasn't jinxed me. My horoscope says that for the next three days I'll be working behind the scenes on something and that I should only tell my plans to those I trust implicitly. Well, no big plans here - at least none that I am covertly working behind the scenes on. I guess we'll see what develops! Oh the intrigue!

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