Friday, June 6, 2008

'Roid Rage

So Jack is allergic to Omnicef, which just happens to be he best antibiotic for ear infections. We found this out the hard way, of course. After 8 days on Omnicef, the poor kid turned into a giant hive in the course of 2 hours. He went from no hives to looking like a leper with measles in just over 90 minutes. This is on top of also be allergic to penicillin. Zithormax - not unlike Obi Wan -is our only hope.

So after a trip to the pediatrician, J was put on a step down dose of Orapred - steroids - and Benedryl, both twice a day. The Benedryl made him loopy, which was fun to watch, but after two days on the Orapred, he was a tiny ball of RAGE. When he wasn't pissed, he was sad. This was NOT fun to watch. I didn't give him the steroids yesterday morning and called the pediatrician. After waiting all day for a call back, they finally told me to take him off of the Orapred and just double up the Benedryl to make sure the hives don't come back. Oddly, the Benedryl seems to make him wake up at 5:30 like a little internal alarm clock. This is also filed under the not fun category.

We did take our tiny ball of rage to the end of the year picnic at the JCC last night, though. We had a truly enjoyable time. He loved the splash pad, which is great. This gives us something to do this summer. As you'll recall from earlier Blog posts, last year at the pool was all about the gate at the baby pool. So Mommy's ass was on display for the entire Jewish community while Jack blithely opened and closed the gate. This year we may actually make it INTO the water. That would be bonzer. Jack also enjoyed the playground at school. The boy loves a good slide.

If the infernal heat dies down tonight, we may set up the splashy pool in the yard and have a go at it. However, if it is still 602 degrees in the shade, we're all just going for ice cream instead.

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