Thursday, November 5, 2009

Frustration: Not a good color on me

I have been planning a fund raiser for Temple Israel Sisterhood and Brotherhood for the last 3 months. It has been frustrating. That is an understatement. Let me say upfront that Pam Chambers and Lisa Goldsand have been amazing in their efforts to help pull this event together. They rock and I would choose them first for any team I am on (professional, volunteer or dodge ball - you gals ROCK.)

Bingo-Rita - an evening of bingo games for prizes and a few Mexican libations, has been a hit at other temples. The lack of support we are getting here in Columbus has been maddening. If it were only from our general members, I could understand that, perhaps, the idea is not a good one and what works in Boca Raton does not work in Columbus. What I find most disheartening is the lack of support from temple leadership.

Sisterhood (and Brotherhood) do amazing things for the community. We send kids to camp for weeks at a time. We provide donations for Temple Israel functions. We provide more financial backing for temple than you might even comprehend. These are organizations filled with people who want to make a difference and who volunteer their time to help support Temple Israel and its families. We do it happily and with open minds and hearts. We also make really great friends.

Is $10 per person really too much to ask for you to come out and support an organization that supports you? I really don't think it is. We're even providing babysitting - so there is an excuse and extra cost - off of your plate.

We need 60 people to cover our costs. After that, it is a fund raiser for the 'Hoods. Money in our coffers that go directly back into the Temple Israel Community. Is it that hard to shell out a $20 for you and your significant other to come play a game of bingo, have a drink and just generally support our efforts?

Apparently so. Lack of support from leadership is enough to drive volunteers to burnout faster than you can say BINGO! As someone who managed volunteers professionally for a large chunk of my professional life, I can tell you that it is your job to nurture volunteers and help them succeed. Many of the leaders are volunteers themselves. But when you accept this position, you agree to lead by example. I am disappointed that so many are choosing NOT to participate.

So, is this rant appropriate for Facebook - where temple leadership (and members) can see it? Probably not. But I am posting it anyway. Despite the fact that it likely sounds as if I am a harpie and a tyrannical leader. Perhaps Jewish Guilt will kick it and you'll buy your $10 ticket to support the organizations who support you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Things Jack Did..

Boy Wonder, The Manchild, Jickety, Munchin. The Little Man turned 4 a month ago and he has had a month full of adventures already.

The evening of his birthday, for instance, we gave up the binky. I explained that the Binky Fairy came and took it to a baby who needed it. That binkies are for babies and he, being 4 now, is a Big Boy. This lead to the following announcement: "I don't like fairies." That, my friends, is a loaded statement.

Last week, as he was playing in the bathroom sink, J dropped one of the shapes he like to play with. It landed between the toilet and the cabinet. While reaching for the shape, Boy Genius managed to get his head stuck. Next to the potty. (ew) I came running when I heard frantic crying and Osi screaming in a high-pitched panicked voice. A few quick maneuvers and he was free of his potty prison. But still, not his most shining moment.

We made the move to big boy pants this weekend. If, by big boy pants, you mean underwear with Disney characters grinning at me from the area of my son's tushy, then yes, bog boy pants are what we have. Only one accident during the weekend. My parents graced us with their presence for a few hours on Sunday. Dad thought the phrase "Listen t your body" was the most hilarious thing he had ever heard. Hearing Jack say it was, apparently, even funnier. This led to my father making all kind of obnoxious man noises and saying that he was just listening to his body. Unfortunately, so were we. (I guess that falls under the "Things my dad did" category.)

Life with a 4-year-old boy is always an adventure. I have a feeling it only gets more exciting from here.