Friday, July 11, 2008

Sick of Being Sick

As great as our Fourth was, apparently I spent too much time out of doors. I am an indoor Zimmer. My allergies started to rage on Sunday morning and I believe I am eyeball-deep in yet another summer sinus infection. Luckily, the doctor gave me a script when I was there was time, so I got that filled and am medicated. The sinus pressure has a tendency to turn into migraines, though, which only compounds the yuckiness.

Adding to my "Mommy is always sick" guilt, my cousin Nikki is supposed to come down this weekend. Hell is to be raised. Family gossip is to be shared. Beer is to be consumed. We are currently negotiating if this trip will still happen, which bums me out.

Now that I have used all of my energy bitching, I am going to go shower and take a nap.

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