Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Afternoon of Tasty Goodness

I am a Foodie.

Not a gourmand. They just like the super-fancy stuff. Oh, I like that. But I can enjoy a good burger from a dive as well.

Today's gastronomic fantasia was a combination of BOTH (FOODGASM!). Osi took the day off today and after we both toiled in the yard, mowing, weeding and scooping up after the Wonder Mutt, we both deserved some good chow. Enter The Rusty Bucket Tavern. Oh me, oh my, the Elvis Velveeta burger is just so good! The description literally says it will be "dripping with..." and then lists the toppings. It never fails. I am confident they remove the calories before it hits the table. Because this is the Velveeta cheeseburger that Skinny Elvis ate, right? Right?!

After enjoying my dripping cheeseburger, we headed next door to Jeni's Ice Cream. This is ice cream for people who mock the unimaginative limitations of Baskin Robbins' 31 Flavors. They have things like "Thai Chili" and Lemon Yogurt with Blueberry Jam." My personal favorite is the Riesling and Poached Pear. I want to be buried in it. Today, however, I opted for the Salty Caramel (always a winner" and the Goat Cheese with Cherry Preserves. Now, you would THINK that goat cheese ice cream would just stink to holy hell. Not so, my friends. It is rich and yummy and the cherry preserves set it off nicely. Jeni, of Jeni's Ice Cream, is a flippin' genius!

Finally, we ended our gustatory journey at Smith Farm Market. Osi had a hankering for watermelon and peaches and I don't buy produce anywhere else - especially in the summer.

So that was my afternoon. I really need a nap, or more appropriately, I need to lapse into a food coma :)

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