Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back on the Radar

Well, after over a week, I am back on the radar. Our vacation was THAT GOOD. I kid, I kid. It was 3 days of getting up when I wanted to, instead of to the tiny alarm that rings "Mommy? Mommy?" Also, room service is a good thing.

Our time away actually was pretty awesome, but it has taken me a week or so to feel like writing again about the mundane thins that go on around here. It was only this weekend that I experienced one of those rare (or so it seems) parenting moments that I want to lock into my brain and remember when I'm 102.

The other Room Mommy and I hosted the Crocodile Room (Jack's room at the JCC) Party at the playground/picnic area at the JCC on Sunday. It was a really nice time and about 10 families showed up. So did a downpour about 15 minutes into it. While we all huddled under the picnic shelter eating Graeter's ice cream, a perfectly-formed mud puddle was created about 10 yards away from the playground. It did not take long for the kids to find this.

Nick Breyfogle (Sam's dad) and I tried in earnest for about 20 seconds to get the kids out of it. We tried for about another 30 seconds after that, but the kids knew the jig was up and that we weren't really serious. At that point, we looked at each other and said, "Their kids. It's a mud puddle. Who are we to stop them?" Thus, the classic parenting moment. Man, those kids had a great time for about 10 minutes. I am thoroughly convinced they would still be there now if the parents hadn't dragged their children from the muck kicking and screaming. When I got Jack home, he literally had mud IN HIS DIAPER. How does that happen, man?

In other news, I have a second interview tomorrow for the Membership Director position at BLF Management. Should be interesting.

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