Monday, July 7, 2008

Really Good 4th

Good friends, good food, good fun. Sounds like a slogan, no? We had a really good July 4th this year.

Jack was not so fond of the Bexley parade this time around. Always a fan of the marching band, he was NOT amused by the loud horns on the large trucks, the sirens on the fire trucks and the booming drums that accompany the high-steppers. We left 20 minutes into the festivities. We were there long enough, though, to see Grand Marshall E. Gordon Gee and for me to shout "Hey Dr. Gee - O-H!" and get the requisite "I-O!" back from him.

We came back from the parade and had a few friends over from Temple. These are all people we know from Sisterhood and Brotherhood who are Osi's age - with the exception of Jason and Mel who are my age and Miriam and Marty - who are, well, twice my age. It was a very small group and I think that is the way to do it from now on - with the exception of the Holiday Fun Brunch. Ten or 15 people allows us to talk to everyone and not have to prepare loads of food.

We had a few hours of down time and then this same group of people had invited us out to Pickerington to watch the fireworks. Have I mentioned that all of these people are riotously funny? Also, Jack is by far the youngest. The next youngest kid in the goup is 10. So, seriously, there is potential to find many, many babysitters here. Despite the fact that we spent way too much time in the out of doors, we had a fantastic time.

We took off Saturday morning and headed to Cincinnati to visit the folks, wich is always interesting. Especially when we pull in and see The Show is also there. Thankfully, we were incident-free this go-round.

So, that was our holiday. I hope yours was just as good!

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