Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Meeting That Made Me Want to Die

WOW. I had the meeting to end all meetings last night. Literally. I will not be attending any more meetings called by this group of people because after last night's 2 hour extravaganza, I wanted to use the platic servingware to gouge out my eyes and then stick the forks into both of my ear drums if only to drown out the incessant talking.

I am the Executive VP oF Temple Israel Sisterhood. I pause now so that the gravity of the title can sink in and you can be duly impressed.


What that means is that next year I'll be a co-president. I am also currently the marketing VP, which is why I was at this particular blood-letting they call a meeting. We spent 2 hours writing the text of the invitation. We have an invitation chair - a very CAPABLE invitation chair who should have been left to do her job. Would the VP of Programming - the old windbag - let that happen? Noooooo. TWO FUCKING HOURS I will never get back.

The meeting was so excrutiating that I could not sleep and when I did sleep, I had tortured dreams that I was trying to tell everyone else on the SH Board that the VP of Pbrogramming had to go, ut no one would listen. They just kept asking me to please pour the punch. (WTF?)

None of you are in Sisterhood, so I don't expect you to grasp the dynamic here. On this particular committee are 2 people who haven't been actively involved in Sisterhood for over 5 years, another who is new to the Board altogether and me (who they all apparently regard as the young gun with no good ideas whatsoever).

For those of you who know me, I do not take to being steamrolled very well. Also, I outrank all of these bitches. Also, for Christ's holy name, we are VOLUNTEERS--- so could everyone just chill the fuck out?

I need a drink. And some earplugs. Seriously, why do people make things more difficult than they have to be? Why do peole act as if "Executive VP" or "VP of Programming" actually means something? It doesn't. We're volunteers. It is a power struggle among the less-than-minimum-wage workers.

And it is enough to make me turn my eyes from Sisterhood and start practicing Catholicism again. Jesus!

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