Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Game Time

I had a second interview today with BLF Management. It is an association management firm that manages associations too small to have staffs of their own. I would be the membership director. The interview was with the owner, Brad L. Feldman (thus, the "BLF" Management) and the Communications Director, a young man named simply: Antonio.

Fact: Antonio's hair is the exact same length all over his head. From his scruffy beard to the tippy-top of his scalp. I kid you not. This is a fact on which it is hard not to concentrate when you are answering questions. I hope he was not offended that I directed my replies mostly to Brad, who takes a more long on top, hardly anything below the ears approach to follicular grooming.

Other than that, it is hard to tell how the interview went. I think it went well, but let me tell you that I would NOT want to play poker with Brad L. Feldman. The man gives you nothing. He seems nice enough and I like the company and the people I've met thus far (hair issues notwithstanding), so I hope it turns out OK.

Is it time for me to go back to work? Oh, I think so. Do I get butterflies just thinking about re-entering the office place? You betcha. Scares the crap outta me. Everything about it screams NEW NEW NEW! When I just want to go back t my old, comfortable demons that I knew how to slay (or at least how to bitch about effectively). A new place has new demons. Oh bother.

I am also about to have a very uncomfortable discussion with an old friend. You remember the "Am I being an unreasonable Bitch" post? Well we are sitting down to talk about that today and I hate confrontation. Especially with people who are supposed to be on my side to begin with. However, I am not Osi's family, so we can't continue to push this under the rug any longer, so I guess we'll be adults and see what progress, if any, can be made.

Wish me luck on all fronts, friends!

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