Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stalking Justin Roberts

Jack has decided that his new favorite singer is Justin Roberts. He would rather listen to "Airplane of Food" than Marc Rossio's "Bokor Tov"... FINALLY. And, I have to admit, Justin's lyrics are witty in the way of Barenaked Ladies (uh, PRE-cocaine arrest, of course). Also, the melodies are incredibly catchy.

Justin has been in Columbus three times (that we know about) since April. He started at the JCC Pre-school fundraiser. We skipped that because Jack was still deep into his fascination with doors. I was not spending $35 per person so that we cold spend the entire concert working the door. In June, Justin played at a church in Clintonville/Beechwood. We attended the free event, got great seats and Jack loved it. Last night, Mr. Roberts was at the Northwest Branch of the Worthington library - again free. It was PACKED and Jack made it through about 45 minutes (he, like Mommy, gets a little claustrophobic). So, we're starting to show up everywhere Justin performs in Columbus - even if it isn't remotely close to us.

Add to this daily visits to his Web site to watch the "Airplane of Food" and "Pop Fly" videos and we have a full-on case of stalking, I think. Also, he has a cute little music geek thing goin' on with the shaggy hair (hey, Mr. Marc has this too, is it a requirement for kids' musicians??) and the cute little granny glasses. I am sure that off stage he smoke, drinks and curses like a sailor on leave. Heh heh...makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Anyway, if you have kids, I highly recommend you check him out. Especially if he is playing in your area anytime soon. Hus concerts feature what he calls "Kid Mosh Pits" where kids can just dance, jump around and go crazy - thus sending them home to you quite exhausted. Yet another reason to love Justin!

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