Friday, August 8, 2008

I Have Found MY PEOPLE!

OK. I'll admit it. Amidst the mocking of my non-band friends, I ventured to the theatre (yes, the movie theatre) to watch the Drum Corps International (DCI) Quarterfinals competition in all its IMAX goodness. I have officially kicked up the Geek Factor to notches unknown.

For me, it was 4 hours (yes, 4 HOURS) of bliss. The theatre was just over half full with other band geeks. I have found my people! Where the hell have they been hiding? I would say there was a good mix of high school kids and people my age and older. The guy next to me had a running commentary going on his cell phone with someone who was actually AT the competition. When there was an especially spectacular move or a fabulous horn line hit, people in the audience - at the theatre, several hundred miles from the competitors - actually APPLAUDED. OK, I was in Band Fag Heaven.

Since I am the only band geek in my group of friends, I will cut the commentary short, except to say that Phantom Regiment got screwed. Their "Spartacus" show should have won. Blue Devils suck.

Also on tap this weekend: Tonight is the Fair Gorge. Our friend Tom has been looking forward to it for weeks. A group of us are going to the fair just for the deep-fried awesomeness that comes on a stick. I completely anticipate coming home bloated.

Finally - my real people (although some of them I do not acknowledge in public): The Fleming Family Reunion, better known as FlemFest, is tomorrow. Lord help us all. In an election year, they are putting my dad, the right wing crazy on a peninsula with my Left wing nutsos - my aunt and cousin. It will be a battle of the passive-aggressive - wearing political t-shirts - and the, well, AGGRESSIVE-aggressive, battling their points out in public. I hope this is not the case. I just want to say "Holla!" to my cousins and take a ride on the boat :)

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