Friday, August 22, 2008

Kids' Party Planning - Is It For Me?

Well, now Feeb went and put an idea in my head. I HATE it when she does that.

For the past two years, I have been a bit elaborate about Jack's birthday parties. No clowns or pony rides (yet), but there was musical entertainment last year.

Let's review. The first birthday was a "Jack"-o-Lantern theme, featuring a 7 layer cake carved into the shape of a pumpkin. This went a long with hand-made, from-scratch invitations to about 40 people. A good time was had by most, but mostly the infant liked the wrapping paper.

Last year was a music extravaganza. Again, the invites were a from-scratch ordeal (they always feature a picture of the birthday boy). Marc "The Marvelous Toy" Rossio was procured to entertain about 12 kids of various ages, and the goody bags consisted of every annoying instrument you can think of (train whistle, maracas, kazoos, you name it. Parents are STILL thanking me for that).

I show no signs of being able to be contained. This year the invitations required no rubber-stamping or ink pads - thank God. I did, however, burn 14 of Jack's favorite songs onto a CD and design the CD jacket to be the invitation. Feeb says I am criminally insane. The postage alone killed me.

So, in my journey to find out what I want to do in life, could i plan other kids' parties or do I just really like planning my own? Also, it would have to clearly state in my contract that as soon as the first guest arrives, I hit the door. Generally, I loathe other people's children. My few close friends are the exceptions and I would do theirs for free :)

It seems as if hoity-toity snooty and fruity Bexley would be the perfect place to launch such a business. If only I had the vaguest idea of how to do it. I am going to put it on a list with "Writing a reality book for working moms who think they want to stay home." I dunno, would YOU hire me?

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naomic3 said...

Two words: F*ck. Yeah!

Man, since you are the most politic person I know, you can get these unimaginative Bexleyite moms (are they really so much like the upper Manhattanites of "The Nanny Diaries"?) to give you their ludicrous ideas, and then you turn them into cool ideas and sell it back to them. If you are the artist and agent (not the "hostess"--you hire a college elementary-ed major for that part) then you can have all the fun designing and booking and decorating but none of the brattiness. Except for said mothers, of course.

I see dollar signs...