Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ramblings of the Not Quite Sane

Holy Moly. Has it really been almost 2 weeks since my last confession, Father? I'm gonna need at least 16 Hail Marys, 14 Our Fathers and a 2 Pear Martinis.

I have been up since 12:30 awaiting a thunder storm that the local news said would be here about then. Turns out it got here -oh - about NOW (4:30 am). Why was I waiting on rain, you ask? Because The Toddler does not lika da thunder and he often awakens. And since I had to pee at 12:30, I though "Well, hey, this is good timing. I'll just stay awake for a few minutes and wait for him to wake up scared and them rock him back to sleep." Turns out that logic was notsogood, as the storm ran to the north of us and the little bastard slept right through it. So here I am. Rock you like a hurricaaaane. (For those of you who don;t get the bad 80's music reference, just stop reading. I no longer like you.)

I had the most delicious thing ever today and if you ever get a chance, I hope you try one. (This beats even the deep fried Twinkie I told you about a few weeks ago.) It was an apple cider slushee. It was like ingesting autumn. Particularly enticing since Fall is my favorite season and it was about 85 degrees today. I am soooooo ready for sweater season and football weather and done with summer. To be honest, I am usually done with summer after the first 90 degree day. I hate being hot. Back to the slushee. You will never, ever convince me that apple cider and apple juice are the same thing. Cider is something special and tangy and crisp and this was frozen into something think and frozen and especially delicious that you almost needed a spoon to remove it from your cup. I am going to have a difficult time not going back tomorrow to get another one. And the day after that. I would say I would like to bathe in it, but there are some parts that just should NOT be that cold.

I am finding that we have become increasingly busy lately and I wonder what that is about. With me stepping up my duties with Sisterhood and Osi involved with Brotherhood and the High Holy Days coming up, that could be part of it. Football season is another part of it. I guess we've also made more of an effort to expand our circle of friends. For a while, it seemed like we were the only people hosting things and it got really old. I think I may have posted about that. Since that post we've broadened our social circle a bit to include friends from temple and Osi's work and it's really nice to actually get invited places. So I guess that sums it up. It's only a week into September and our October calendar is already a mess.

Which brings us to the real point of this post. The Cousin was after me to update. She is bored at work and apparently I am her long distance amusement. Like a dancing bear at a circus, only better :) Also, the Cousin would like to come to Bexley for a weekend in October. We are hoping to make that work. But you better be prepared to have the goings-on end up as fodder for the blog, baby!

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Oh thank you God! She's back!