Monday, May 19, 2008

Whew... Busy Weekend!

Anyone else glad it's Monday? No? Just me...

A busy weekend here at Chez Zimmer. Happily so, I believe. Jack has a bit of a cold (Damn the Mystery Bink that came home with him from school last week!), so we have been tending to that.

Saturday we took it easy until after nap time, doing the "is it gonna rain or is it NOT gonna rain" dance that the rest of Columbus was doing, too. We did make it out to Babies 'R Us to pick up a present for Jack's favorite teacher in the PM. Jack's teacher Jamie is LARGE with child. I have no earthly idea how she manages 13 toddlers as well as she does while also being ready to pop. Jack adores Jamie and we do, too. She is a fully-involved member of Team Jack. I hope against all hope that she returns to Jack's class after this baby is born.

Saturday evening we attended the "'Hoods Dinner" at Temple Israel. You read that correctly. They believe themselves to be clever. It is a joint event with the SisterHOOD and the BrotherHOOD, and so it is the "Hoods" event. Go ahead, take a moment to regain your composure from the uproarious laughter. I'll wait...

At the dinner, I received the Sisterhood Volunteer of the Year Award (please hold your applause). This is their way of making sure I don't skip out on Sisterhood for another year, when they have me slated to become co-president with my buddy Mel (also LARGE with Child). I do not deal especially well with being made to stand at the front of the room while people say nice things about me, so it was a bit of a squirmy moment, but very, very nice. I was sorry that I was made to uninvite The Feebster. As it was, they made us squish 12 around a table made for 10, so I guess it was for the best, although I still feel guilty.

After dinner we went out with a group of new friends. This excites me because we are always trying to expand out social circle and have never had any luck. These were mostly couples where the men are now either serving on the Brotherhood Board with Osi or the women are on the board with me in Sisterhood. We went drinking. I can recall no invitation to drink from the Catholics. Reason # 216 to just go ahead an convert. The auxiliary organizations hold their meetings with beer! (not really but, damn, we could have gotten some shit DONE!) I am very, very stoked about this particular group of people. It is like getting to hang with the cool kids. Obviously, they have not yet figured out that I am a band geek (or just a big, fat outsider, period. Really, when do we get to shed the labels from our youths???).

Sunday was the Baby What A Deal sale bright and early at the JCC. Opening the doors at this sale was not unlike the combining of A) the running of the bulls in Pamplona and B) the Filene's Basement Wedding Dress Sale. I tried not to make eye contact and tried to make myself as small as humanly possible. I was frightened. But it was an excellent fundraiser for Jack's preschool program, so it was worth the terror.

We also had Sara and Joe over for dinner. That's all I have to say about that.

So, as you can see, I am glad it is Monday, with Jackala off at preschool and Mommy and Frannie looking at each other thinking "Can we nap now?" Nope, back to the grind...

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