Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day

Today was a pretty good day, even by my irrationally high standards. Mom and Dad were here for the weekend and we dragged them out to Utica for the Velvet Ice Cream experience yesterday. It was a beautiful day and they had fun watching Jack climb on the playground, chase ducks and usurp Grammy's strawberry ice cream.

The whole clan was here today and it was mercifully uneventful. I believe Melissa has accepted the fact that Anna is here to stay. Osi is still irritated that Anna never talks to him, but she hardly ever talks to anyone but me, so, you know, I have no beef. No beef except the one-pound apiece steaks the men procured and grilled for Mother's Day lunch, of course. Holy Mother of Meat, Batman! They were delish! I also made a strawberry shortcake trifle that was quite yummy, too. The boys played so well together and it always amazes me how spectacular Donovan is with Jack, despite the fact that he is a good 7 years older.

I got to sleep in this morning and came down to a happy boy and a beautiful DKNY watch as a gift. This was something I actually needed and it is lovely. After almost 10 years together, Osi is starting to learn my tastes, which is good. There were also no carnations in the flowers. A first, I think. Maybe it just 10 years for all the tiny nitpicking preferences to sink in. Because it really is the thought that counts and the preferences, I will admit, are incredibly nitpicky.

So I had a wonderful Mother's Day that has made me grateful to be mommy to my boy and thankful to have my family. I'd like to bottle this feeling. You know Eli...he's a'comin'.

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