Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Inspirational Bummer

I attended the Sisterhood's Closing Program last night - "Think Pink and Spend the Green." It was a program on Breast Cancer and a Boutique. Long story. Both portions of the evening were great, actually. I picked up a housewarming gift for Sara as she pepares to move to her sad "I sold my house so that I can I can pay my kid's legal bills" apartment and also a very cool pair of earrings.

Also, during the discussin part of he evening, I learned that if you a) had your forst child later in life and b) were on fertility drugs - the longer the more worse off you are, tha these increase your risk of developing breast cancer later in life. Now, somewhere along the line, someone may have mentioned this to me and, in my blind desie to produce an offspring I blocked it out and said "I don't care, I just want a baby." Well, I care now, bitches. Mel just looked at me in her deadpan way and said "You're goin' down." You have to know and love Mel to truly appreciate this comment for its comic genius in the moment.

Alice Krumm, RN was a featured speaker and I highly recommend her book "I Didn't Order This Pink Ribbon." She is a Columbus native who was diagnosed at 38 and just has a fantastic, sassy attitude about a lot of things. Loved her. I was so moved by her presentation that I gave her a standing ovation. I am still obsession today over the fac that I was the only one in the room to do so. This is how mind works. I have literally gotten twitchy about it a couple of times this morning, but I know no one else is thinkink about it today but me. I am such a self-obsessed moron. Anyway, Alice was fantastic.

Osi is being eleced onto the Brotherhood Board tonight. A fact that makes me giggle a little bit. There is a very good possibility that we could be presidents of the auxilary organizations of Temple Israel at the same time. We would be like King and Queen of Temple. I seriously want the tiara if that happens.

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