Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Retiring as Event Organizer

I am beginning to wonder if I only have friends because I invite them places.

Since college, I have been the organizer of the group. If there was a birthday, a party to be planned, a cookout to be had or a gathering to partake in, I am your gal. I think I am getting kind of tired of the role. Especially since, with the exception of Erin's Easter Egg Hunt, we get invited nowhere.

Taking stock in the places we've been and the social events in which we've participated in the past year, most have them have been here. Girl's night blew up after Naomi's birthday. Nobody apparently has interest in it but me. Playdates have gone to the wayside and with summer coming up, here we are again, at cookout season.

We're having a party Memorial Day weekend, which no one seems to want to commit to (except Feeb - thanks). I know Osi will want to throw another July 4th Brunch, but I think I will protest, especially given what is turning out to be a poor turnout at the Memorial Day event.

Yes, I am bitching again. Perhaps that is why I never get invited anywhere. Is it that people are too involved with their everyday lives and families to get together with friends? Or is it that they have made other groups of friends of which I am not a part? I don't know, but it makes me sad either way.

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naomic3 said...

Baby, you know nobody RSVP's until the last minute. I myself prefer small intimate gatherings, but if I'm the only one gonna pass out on your front lawn at the 5/25 FeebBQ, then I intend on knocking on doors and bringing the party to YOU!

I think mostly it's just that schedules (damn schedules!) always get in the way. And then if you make the mistake of getting married, then the spouse and his/her plans have to be taken into consideration. Add on a couple of kids...

Don't worry though--summer is just around the corner and longer days mean more hours in which to kidnap the girlfriends and forcibly take them out somewhere. Speaking of which, when are you free to go to Arts Festival with me this year?