Thursday, May 29, 2008

Party Like It's 1699...

...Or whatever year The Plague hit.

Had a great celebration of "One Year in the House Without Burning it Down" this past weekend. Many friends, new and old, came and those of you who didn't are losers and are off The List. I kid, I kid.

The testosterone hung heavy over the grill, where Dad was in command and many men stood in awe of his gift of burning up some tasty meat. Kids climbed all over J's new play structure, which Naomi was man enough to get up on top of her car to procure. It was a hit. And the women, well they looked to be having a chatty good time, too. It does seem like a good time was had by all and we may even do it again some day.

I think, however, that we are NOT having the July 4 brunch this year. There were wayyyyy too many "maybes" that turned into yeses the day before on this party that gave me the impression that people were waiting for a better offer that never materialized. So you can reference back a few pages to "Retiring as an Event Planner" for why there will be no July 4 Brunch.

Also, we all partied so hard that 2 out of 3 Zimmers prefer to be on antibiotics this week,. Jack was at the doctor's on Sunday with a double ear infection and Pink eye. Side not: Another reason to LOVE our pediatrician: Sunday, non-posted hours for emergencies. No ER or Urgent Care for us. Love them. I was at the Urgent Care on Tuesday with strep throat and a sinus infection. Methinks we all just had too much fun. Perhaps J and I were licking things we oughtn't. Who knows? Either way, I am tired and congested and Jack is in a baaaad mood. Also had to cancel date night. Bummer

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Catch up with you after day 10 of my Augmenten.

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