Monday, March 17, 2008

Untitled - A Whole Heap O' Crap

Let us begin withe the good news: We have been bite-free at the JCC for three whole weeks! I guess the squeaky wheel DOES get the oil (or the personal baby bodyguard, as the case may be). I don't care what they are doing, as long as Jack is safe.

We are still have a really hard time with doors, though. Drop-off has become increasingly difficult, what with having to wend our way through three sets of doors to make it inside the classroom. Jack usually wants to shut every door at least 7 times. Literally. We have an appointment at the Pediatrician on Friday. Notsomuch worried about autism as I am about OCD. If he is fine, could they please, for the love of CHRIST, medicate ME?? Because the door thing is really driving me out of my fucking skull.

In other news, I have been thinking lately of expanding the last year's-worth of Blog posts and turning them into a funny kind of essay book for working moms looking to become stay-at-home moms for the first time. The title would be "So, How Are You Doing...?" or maybe, "So, What Have You Been Up To...?" or the ever so popular "So What Do You DO All Day?" Subtitled "One woman's look at going from consummate professional to professional mom." I don't remember seeing any books out there warning me what the transition was going to be like. If so, I certainly would have read them to prepare myself.

Some people happily fall into motherhood. I think Erin is one of these people. I recall her saying that she has been really in love with her boys from minute one. I love Jack, but I struggle with motherhood on a daily basis. I think this because before he came along, I really did define myself by my career. I was really very good at it any people told me so frequently. Motherhood I suck at pretty profusely on a regular basis and nobody EVER tells you that you are a fantastic mom. Not even the motherfucker (literally) that got you that way. Whew. Glad I got THAT off my chest.

Anyway, I am thinking of writing a book.

Also, I will be returning to work full time within the next year. We've made the decision together. Jack has transitioned pretty nicely to the JCC and 2 more days won't be that much more of a transition. It is time. I am looking to go back into association work because, as I mentioned, I was pretty damn good at it. Only time will tell how slick and speedy that old "on ramp" is going to be.

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ErinU said...

If it helps, you're doing great! We all bang our heads in frustration, idealizing someone else's patience vs our own humanity. The good news is that you're fine. The bad news is that no humans are ideal.
I am sometimes stunned by my own temper. Then, I chat with my sister about how close we all are to having social services at our door. Funny, isn't it?
Jack may just love doors. He may grow out of it, or there's a fine career in prison guarding ahead of him. Closing doors is a real asset there!