Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Satan Himself May be Living in My Lungs

I am the world's third worst patient. The first being my BIL Harvey, God bless him. He is not in good health, but even when he was in relatively good health, he was 60 going on 98 and prone to bouts of moaning in agony over a hangnail. Second, I believe, would be mu husband. It's not that he is a horrible patient, he is just very frequently "not feeling well." Conveniently, on the weekends.

So the World's Third Worst Patient has bronchitis and I have also developed a sinus infection. At least 75 minutes during the middle of every night since Friday has been spent trying to release the demon possessing my lungs. This does nothing to help the sinus headache.

Enough bitching.

I am now officially addicted to FaceBook. Can't even tell you why, other than there are a few cool applications/quizzes you can partake in, groups to join and it is generally a good way to stay in touch with people you don't want to e-mail regularly but don't want to lose track of either. You should try it. Everyone is doing it. That's right. I am a FaceBook pusher.

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