Monday, March 31, 2008

Meanwhile, in the American Gothic...

While Naomi was out chasing a BOB and trying on fetish-ware, we drove to Lancaster to try out the new children's space there. Lancaster sure seems like a long way to go for a water table, a laser harp and a playhouse with a working doorbell, but is WAY less overwhelming for both Jack and his parental units than COSI.

AHA for Kids (A Hands-on Adventure) held Jack's interest and didn't overwhelm him. Also, and this is very important in our world, there are NO ELEVATORS and very few doors. For $5 per person it was all the fun we could handle. He loved it and we loved watching him love it. Not to mention that the 40 minute drive door-to-door killed some time on a dreary Sunday. We got to listen to Justin Roberts.

Speaking of Justin Roberts, HE ROCKS! Kid's songs with great lyrics sung by a guy with a very James Taylor quality to his voice. Also, he happens to be playing a concert next Sunday, April 6 at the Columbus JCC. You should totally check it out if your kids like music at all. It is $6 per kid and $12 for adults. Info here. Not sure if we are going to attempt it. One hour is a long time for Jack to go without leaping up and NEEDING to close that door.

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naomic3 said...

Hey... there was only ONE door at The Garden. And LOTS of toys to play with! But perhaps just a tad overwhelming. I don't think there are too many doors (lots of open doorways) at the Art Museum. Wanna join us this Sunday? We'll all have our fix of high culture then.