Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh. My. God.

Well, I hope all of you are prepared to make good on promises that you said you would come through on when hell froze over. Because, friends, let me tell you, Satan himself has opened a 7-11 and the Slurpees are flowing freely.

Today Sara - she of bringing her own food to my reception, among other near relationship-ending misdeeds - apologized for everything. She said she felt terrible about how our relationship started, that it should have never been that way and that she was sorry. Let us just take a moment to absorb this new information.

This is all I have ever said I wanted. And so, I am just done being angry with her. I now have to find a new hobby. I have gobs of time on my hands that I can fill with knitting, scrapbooking, or simply channeling my venom towards Naomi's bonehead soon (but not soon enough) to be ex-husband.

I am shocked, relieved and have an overwhelming sense of peace about the entire thing, really.


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naomic3 said...

Oh. My. Yahweh!
This is the moment when you just take it at face value, don't worry if things will revert to the way they were before, and just be happy. I am so glad for you! I like to see joyful things happen to good people. I hope the goodwill is sustained, and that the both of you can make amends to each other for past wrongs, real or imagined. And if not, well, at least there was this one time.

Funny how that came around after you bitched about Osi, eh? Maybe you can only get along with one at a time? Or maybe you and Sara can gang up on him together? :-) Heheheheh!