Sunday, December 23, 2007

For Christmas, We got THE MEASLES

Isn't that fantastic? Jack certainly looks festive. He actually has Roseola, which is a "form of the measles." I have no idea what the fuck that means, since I was stuck with the doctor on call last night, who had all the personality of a rabid raccoon. Doctor Patrella. I don;t recommend him.

J was running a fever on Thursday of 103.9 and was very lethargic. His fever came down but he still wasn't himself on Friday, so we went to see the doctor. She was looking for a rash, but it hadn't yet appeared. Cue Saturday afternoon (after doctors' hours, of course) when his cheeks became rosy and the rash started on his belly. By evening it was on his back, too. Roseola was the diagnosis, so I am on my way to search the web to see if this means we are done with measles for good.

He apparently isn't contagious as long as the fever is gone (it is) so we don't have to cancel Christmas. But I AM glad we canceled Friday's play date - aren't you? I am seriously considering pulling him out of daycare. Enough is enough with the biting and infectious diseases already.

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