Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just Venting

In our house, it seems as if only one of us can parent at a time. And when I say "one of us", I mean ME. When I am in the room, Daddy just tunes out. Unless, of course, he believes I should be administering discipline that I am clearly not. Last time I checked, we were both listing on the f-ing birth certificate.

I'm pretty sure that Osi believes himself to be up for father of the year this weekend because he stayed with Jack for 5 whole hours on Saturday while I went to go hand-craft his Christmas present AND he let me sleep in all the way to 9 am this morning. Oh, the life of a put-upon father.

I can only imagine what his life would be like if he attempted to get all of his daily work done with a toddler strapped to him. Somehow, though, he just thinks this should be no big deal for me. My job. Silly Chris. I thought we both applied. I am apparently also in charge of social coordination (if we leave the house EVER, it is because I have scheduled something), present procurement, meal provision and clean underwear.

Seriously, I think I might run away from home soon.

Done venting now.

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