Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moment of Clarity - While Unconscious

For the last three nights, I have had dreams about working for Obama. Two nights in a row, I was a speechwriter. Considering I think the man's oration is A-MAZ-ING, those were happy dreams, indeed.

Last night I had elevated myself to a potential candidate for VP. I was running against Michelle Obama, of course. In the dream, I was busily writing my own debate points and acceptance speech (Michelle told me in my dream that there was no way America would have 2 African Americans on the ticket...again I say, of course).

I have been really praying lately about finding my "passion." The thing that I truly want to do with my life. I think crafting presentations and messages for others might just be it. It was the part of my last job that I most enjoyed - the research, creativity, ability to combine my voice with the presenter's - I loved it.

Not having a background in media relations or PR, I think moving into a Director of Communications role - where this type of thing typically occurs - is out for now. However, I am researching to see if crafting presentations for others might be a marketable skill.

Several people have said I should write for a living. I would love to, but never know where to begin. Creating presentations and speeches for others allows me to A) have that starting point and B) use the writing talent my delusional friends think I may have.

I have not been this excited since I found out I could LEAVE work - oh the irony, I know. However, I am going to get back to researching to see if this could be an actual THING.


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Tammy Howard said...

I get most of my inspiration and "aha" moments in my sleep, too. I take very seriously what my subconscious opts to let me in on.

This one sounds like a winner - rock on with your bad self.