Thursday, January 29, 2009

In The Navy

I am currently seeking employment, which means I make the rounds on numerous job sites. being ubiquitous, I usually start there. Apparently, so does the U.S. Armed Forces, which is a little disarming (ha ha, bad pun totally intended).

The Navy has a pretty sweet marketing copy person, because they have made me want to enlist a number of times. For instance, did you know that they are currently hiring photojournalists? They also need editors and people with marketing experience (although I beg to differ, their marketing campaign on is genius).

Their current slogan, at least for the Reserves, is "Part time service. Full time life." Pretty savvy. Except, you know, there are, like, three wars going on and Reservists are known for getting yanked out of the "hey, let's help the flood victims" situations and plopped right down in the middle of, say, Kuwait.

Still, I wonder what editors and photojournalists in the Navy do. I mean, why did we have these folks embedded if we already had men and women trained in the arts over there ready to whip off a jaunty phrase and produce a Pulitzer prize-winning photograph?

Let me step back, because I think this is coming off in a mocking tone and let me be clear: I completely and totally respect the men and women defending our country. I respect the fact that we are, presumably, giving them training for a life after war. I just can't get my mind around someone snapping pictures in the middle of Baghdad.

But someone has to do it, I suppose. I was just surprised that they've taken their campaign to Like a middle-aged housefrau will be looking to get back to work and think, "Well, I have had no bite on the resume. The Navy says I can be an editor for them. Think I'll join up!" Maybe that happens. In these economic times, anything is possible.

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