Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sara Strikes Again

Warning: Pure rant follows.

Is there no end to this woman's thoughtlessness? Apparently not. As predicted, we see about as much of said Inlaw From Hell as we did when we lived in Westerville. I think Osi's hopes were up that once we moved within 6 blocks of her, she would take more interest in a relationship- both with us and Jack. Riiiight. Self-involved people don't care if you move in next door, Sweety.

Osi decided to "pop over" to Sara's for a visit today - since we are rarely, if ever, invited. I like the element of surprise as much as the next gal - but only good surprises. He had heard rumor that she was making a favorite lunch of his (OK, and mine) this afternoon. Since we couldn't score an invite, we decided to crash. Bad idea.

Apparently in lieu of inviting us, she had invited a whole lot of Orthodox buddies over for quality time. We sat in the living room for 5 minutes while they ate before I had to leave or something really bad was going to happen. I left with Jack without a word. Osi make some excuse and he bolted too. It is rare that I am pissed into silence. But I don;t think I ahve felt this much of an outsider since about 7th grade.

Yes, we crashed the party, so THEY should be the ones pissed. Here's my take:

Osi wants so badly for the families to be close. They won't eat at our house, so we have to rely on invitations from them to get together. Osi, apparently, was sick of waiting. To know that we aren't geting the invitations, but that her religious buddies are, really hurts. It's like the minute we got engaged, Sara believes Osi is no longer a "good Jew" and so has as little to do with us as possible. The only thing worse than getting hurt yourself is watching someone you love get hurt.

I was really sick 2 weeks ago and, out of desperation, asked Sara to com stay with Jack for a few hours. BIG mistake (again). Now I feel indebted, she feels like the hero and I want to stick a fork in my eyeball rather than spend one minute more in her presence. Think I've made my feelings about her clear?

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