Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flipping Exhausted

Mel's baby shower is tomorrow. I just finished her cake. It is 12:15 a.m. The cake is in the shape of the book and is decorated like "The Lorax."
Emotional roller coaster today. Jack was the perfect picture of The Terrible twos, just when I thought we were on our way to kissing them goodbye. Every redirection and flat-out "no" was met with an instant meltdown. Some of them of epic proportions.

Also very long, difficult conversations with the nurses at Dr. Davies' office. We're going back and forth with the behavioral health folks at Children's and trying to get to the bottom of where Jack should be tested and for what. I am terrified that we may be starting down a life-altering path for Jack unnecessarily. What if he gets a diagnosis of the latest "fad" disorder and that sticks with him for life? Should we just wait it out to see if it is a phase? I need, NEED to talk to Erin to see how she handled things.

Have I mentioned yet today how thankful I am for the Cashmere Mafia? Erin, Mandie, Naomi and Cristal - you guys can be counted on for anything, anytime. Mandie talked me off a ledge (damn near literally) today. Erin, I know, will have advice and words of comfort and understanding once this ball chooses a direction in which to roll. Naomi - well, she's a fierce advocate and I am glad to have her on my side. All the friends in he world, however, cannot stop the feeling that my gut is disintegrating every time I think about the possibility of what faces us.

Oh, and have I mention I am hosting 11 people over to celebrate Mel's impending birth tomorrow? Where is the ginormous bottle of "uppers" when you need them? Ah, if only I could bottle the Cashmere Mafia and wash them down with a stiff drink when I need it.

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