Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bexley Oddities

So we've lived here for 10 months now and I have noticed a few things about my neighbors that strike me as odd, or at least funny.

First, people in Bexley almost never close these blinds, curtains, shades - whatever window coverings may be adorning their windows. Clearly those coverings are just for show. Driving through Bexley at night is like being an unwilling Peeping Tom. It is as if everyone here wants to show off their latest possession, screaming "My big screen is bigger than YOUR big screen!" They DO have some fascinating choices for wall colors, though. I'll give them that.

Secondly, these folks refuse to use the perfectly good sidewalks that the City of Bexley has provided. Especially the damn joggers. They will play chicken with you in the road rather than use the provided sidewalks. And God forbid they break their stride at a stop sigh or corner. Seriously. We almost hit a guy PUSHING A JOGGING STROLLER because we were coming through an intersection and he didn't want to break his stride to stop. Just gave us a wave and assumed we would stop rather than hit him or his precious passenger.

Finally, the fine citizens of Bexley will do anything to prove that they are physically fit. During last moth's blizzard, there were people skiing down our street. Some were walking their dogs. Come on.

I will stay indoors, with my blinds drawn. And let me tell you something - when I do venture outside (which is not nearly as often as my nubile neighbors) I will use the sidewalks. I think, perhaps, I should have stayed in Westerville.

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