Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Party Hangover

Well, it is one week after Jack's second birthday and I think we may have finally recovered. Talk about an extravaganza. Methinks we went a wee bit overboard. Us? Nooooooo.

Let us begin with the 2 dozen balloons (plus 2 giant music balloons on top of those), three dozen guests (10 of THOSE being under the age of 7) and the hired musical entertainment. FOR THE TWO-YEAR-OLD. Sweet baby Jesus. That's not even mentioning the boatload of birthday booty he accumulated from his very generous birthday guests. It took us three days to open all of the gifts. I think we've committed at least 4 of the 7 deadly sins during the course of this poor kid's birthday. So that was Sunday.

Tuesday, we took cuppycakes (or rather, had Chef Tony prepare cuppycakes, so they would be Kosher Enough) for Jack's class and school. I didn't realize that the first thing they teach you at preschool is how to lick the icing off of a cupcake. All of these kids, ages ranging 12 to 36 months, did it quickly and with dexterity. Isabella had her cupcake naked and faked a drop to get another one. I knew I liked her. There was a special birthday hat that Jack wanted nothing to do with, but which Sam was happy to wear. Sam, apparently, is the designated class hat-wearer. There was singing and much joy in the land. That was Tuesday.

Jack's actual birthday was Wednesday. This was marked with birthday cake for breakfast, a trip to the zoo, a baby grand piano from Mommy and Daddy and dinner with the Crattys at Red Robin. In other words, pretty low key. I think next year we will reanimate the dinosaurs from extinction and offer free rides in the backyard. I'd better get crackin'.

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