Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo Humbug

I officially hate Halloween. A perfect storm developed this evening in that we had A) a child likely too young to be trick-or-treating at all, B) said child has a love affair with doors and C) said child was off his schedule and way over-tired. What we had was a cranky pirate.

Mandie and Phil brought Jazmine over to partake of the Bexley trick-or-treat goodness at 5:30. She was an adorable cat and got the concept right away. Jack, with his love of doors, tried to break and enter every place we attempted to visit, starting with our next door neighbors, with whom or relationship is fragile at best (and who also think Osi's name is Ollie). When entry was not permitted, there was a screaming hissy fit.

That scene was repeated at the next 4 houses. This escalated (my bad, should have gone home immediately) with me trying to wrestle my kid out of a doorway and tripping over - and subsequently knocking to the ground- an 18-month-old pumpkin. I threw my pirate over my shoulder, surrendered and speed-walked home. The neighbors all stared. We also received no candy, thus virtually failing trick-or-treat on our first attempt.

On a side note, I have a real Central Bexley inferiority complex. I attempted to compensate by giving out full size candy bars. I will report later on whether our house remained un-egged this evening. We may drive a dented CRV and not a BMW, dammit, but we DO give out full size Snickers - we have priorities!

I hate Halloween.

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