Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holy Moly!

So, I have been out of touch. My apologies. I've never understood the term "under the weather." Are we not always "under the weather"? I would hope so. I guess when we are flying "around the weather" or "over the weather" in an airplane then that would be the exception. Either way - that's where I have been. (Under the weather, not in an airplane. Don't I wish it.)

It started as a chest pain that Dr. Mom said was a pulled muscle. My confidence in Dr. Mom, after this week, is waning, let me tell you. In a nutshell, I turned 34 and apparently some of the warranties on body parts started to expire. So, by Monday afternoon, I was a mess, and throwing the nurse practitioner and several doctors in the practice I go to for a loop when they couldn't explain what the hell was wrong with me. At what point they decided it could be a pulmonary embolism, I do not know, but that scared the bejeezus out of me. Since that was the last test they could think of, they chalked it up to a really nasty virus and sent me home (so they wouldn't catch it, methinks).

In other news. the Temple finally axed the incompetent graphic designer and in a bizarre twist asked what I was doing for the next month or so. So it looks like I may be working there on a contract basis for November. Also, I have an interview with the sitter connection for sitter interviewer/scheduler. It has been an interesting few weeks.

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