Friday, June 1, 2007

What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?

Many things were accomplished today! I am feeling oh so productive that I almost feel as if I have popped back into actual society.

Curtains were hung, decorative shelves were purchased and driven into the &*%$## plaster walls of this 80-year-old house (have I mentioned I miss drywall?), and a new sprayer nozzle has been attached to the hose because, in case you've missed it, I've become obsessed with not killing Rabbi Barney's flowers. Also, I had a mighty fine Big Gulp Slurpee - man, tasted like college.

So, Jack has officially started the temper tantrums that come with the Terrible Twos. I am impressed with the stomping and vocal range, but what really puts me over the edge is his recent addition to the mix of an "angry dance." (Nothing at all, by the way, like the Safety Dance, for those of you who remember it, but I digress...) It actually looks alarmingly like the Hokey Pokey. Well, the "turn yourself around" part, anyway.

Jack does NOT get that it is impossible to take someone's demands for cookies or Backyardigans or whatever seriously when one is spinning themselves into the floor. I try hard not to laugh, but little dude gets me every time. Let me explain that the dance begins with the customary flapping of arms. That is then accompanied by the "I'm Angry" yell and the Hokey Pokey is actually the grand finale. What can I say, the kid is a fan of the Big Finish. Perhaps it is just a sign that show business is in his future.

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