Monday, May 28, 2007

We're In!

Oy Gevalt! We survived Black Thursday. May I say publicly and profusely that I could not have done this move without Erin - who watched Jack from 8:30- a.m. until 4:30 p.m. - and Ellen - who took the dinner shift. I am forever in their debt.

We are in the house and even managed to get most of the boxes unpacked. There are some, of course, that will remained packed, shoved to the dark recesses of the basement until Jack discovers them when moving us into "The Home." But those are his problem now, baby! There are pictures on the walls, clothes in the closets and, as of this afternoon, food in the fridge. Lord help me, I've become a WalMart shopper. Only because the Krogers on this end of town are super scary. You could not pay me enough cash money to step foot in the one on Alum Creek after sundown.

Friday night turned into an impromptu party. I am not exactly sure how, but it was a hoot, complete with the house's former owners. Mom, Dad, and my sister Melissa and her family were here unpacking. We had told JD and Ellen to stop by and we'd grill up something for dinner. Then Gary and Judi called to see if they could bring dinner over. Since we were already grilling, we said sure. Then the Brickners showed up. We had a 14 person makeshift housewarming and it was really very cool. We still have to schedule a date for the actual party.

OK, this post is boring even me today, so I'll post more when I am more rested and have something witty to say :) Suffice it to say that you should all stop over and say hello. We miss you!

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