Monday, May 14, 2007

Baby's First Shearing

Tired of the WrestleMania that takes place once a month in order to trim bangs and reveal J's ears, we finally enlisted a professional today. As The Hulk was not available, we tried Cookie Cutters haircuts (which I think has been sold to Snip, Buzz, Bangs) and had a good experience.

He got to sit in a little airplane peddle car, watch Baby Einstein (his preferred form of baby crack) and get bubbles blown at him from a machine. All good things, according to him. He was a trooper. It all went swimmingly until she whipped out the clippers. This is another place where MOGs (mothers of girls) may have it easier (also in the cute outfit buying department). No buzz clippers required, unless you've named your daughter Sinead or, more recently, Britney. Jack was not a fan. It involved head holding. It involved tears. I am happy to report, however, that no blood was shed. Not J's. not mine, not the stylist's.

What was lost, however, was a ton of hair. We could make Osi a darn fine toupee of luxurious, curly locks. What was also lost was any remaining look of a baby. He is, for better or worse, a toddler now. A big boy doing big boy things like getting a big boy haircut.

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