Monday, May 21, 2007

This is what she has been so busy doing...

I have to take time out of packing today to post because if I don't I may actually drive to my SIL's house and cause her serious bodily harm.

Throughout the past two weeks my friends and, most recently, my parents, have been busting their collective humps to help us with our impending move. Above, you'll find what Sara has been doing.

Not once has she called to inquire how the packing has been going, if she could keep J for an hour or two so I could get some stuff done, if we could use any help at all. I thought - stupidly, apparently - that this is what family was supposed to do. I thought we were all supposed to pitch in for one another when the going gets tough. Not go out to a farm and flipping four-wheel!

Also in the past two weeks I have become so very appreciative of the friends I have. The cobbled-together links from our collective pasts that we now call "family." This whole experience has caused us to take a step back, inhale sharlply and go "whoa." We are amazed at the generosity of those who are constantly offering time and help, even though they are busy and have little ones of their own.

The situation with Sara - and Naomi, since she is in town too - is heartbreaking. I thought I was beyond getting my feelings hurt by these insensitive people. But they keep coming up with new, mystifying ways to crap all over Osi and I don't know how much longer I can just sit by silently and watch it happen. You can only watch someone you love get hurt so many times before you come out, guns blazing.

So I hope Sara is enjoying her joyride. Because she is riding out of our lives for good. I just wish she didn't look so damn happy about it.

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