Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ode to Mucinex Full Force

Oh Mucinex Full Force, Drano of the Nose
How mine nasal membranes doth shink in horror when thou doth appear.
Oh blast of freedom from congestion
How doth does free me from another endless night staring into the abyss; mouth breathing.
I know not where the nasal yuckiness goes, nor do I care.
Oh cool gust of inhalation
I thank thee for the use of my probiscus once again.


Shannon Baskind said...

And let us say: Amen

Colleen said...

Ah.. mucinex full force is a beautiful thing. Did you hear that they have decided to discontinue it? I contacted them and asked why and basically, it has to do with the economy. This is the only nose spray that works for me... argh! I'm angry at the company for taking this thing of beauty off the market.

Anonymous said...

I called the company as well. They just sd. it was a mngmnt decision to discontinue the Full Force. I can't figure out why the product worked so well for me. I tried similar products with the same active and inactive ingredients...but they don't work. I'm very disappointment and am actively searching for a replacement.

Jen said...

So, does anyone out there know where you can find some? Or has anyone found a product that works for them as well as Full Force?

Have a killer cold and sent my husband to 4 stores only to find out it is no longer... I need something that works!

Anonymous said...

i use something called 4 way i found it at target. full force was the only thing i found that worked for me but i bought this stuff because i had alot of sinus congestion and i needed to try something. Well it was a good choice works just as fast and cleared me right up

Anonymous said...

I think its the best decongestant on the market when they have something good out why cant they leave it alone.just cant understand it. Why CAN ANYONE TELL ME.If the people trying to take it off the market would do something worth while instead of taking things like this off the market that does good for people that have trouble breathing.As if they have nothing better to do.