Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Scoop on JFS

I thought this would be easier than answering the phone or e-mails over and over this evening, so I'll give you all the scoop at once.

I feel like I knocked the JFS interview out of the park this afternoon. I talked to four upper management folks at the the agency - all very delightful. We talked for an hour and I feel like I answered all of their questions spot-on and finished up with a real sense of accomplishment...

Until we got to the hours and salary portion of the show. I was originally told that the position would be close to 30 hours/week. Totally doable at the pay they are offering. This afternoon, the gal who would be my supervisor told me she misspoke and it is a static 20 hours a week. Not so doable.

I would so rock this position. I know I could be a phenomenal volunteer coordinator. i would love going to work every day (or on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, since I would be able to set my own hours). Sadly, I just don't think we can make it work financially.

So, I have to call the wonderful woman who is my would-be supervisor and tell her the news tomorrow.

I know another opportunity will come along. I just have to take a quick minute to mourn this loss and move on.

Just wanted to let everyone know. If you know anyone looking for an excellent volunteer coordinator - give me a call!


Tammy Howard said...

I'm sorry it isn't going to work out, but isn't it nice to be the one doing the rejecting rather than being rejected? So there's that. Perhaps when you let them know the hours are a deal-breaker they'll be able to reconsider? Or is there only a certain amount of $$$ in the budget?

Hoping for good things!

smarmygal said...

In this economy, I am extraordinarily thankful to have gotten an interview! I am disappointed, but not bummed. I have faith that something will come along :)

Jenny Penny said...

You sound buoyed by all that went right with this one, in spite of it ultimately not being The One. That's the good part. Now, I will cross all my fingers, toes, and various other body parts in hopes of you finding a job that inspires you just as much as this one did, but with the right hours and pay.

Jenny Penny said...

I was just rereading this, and I have to tell you I love the whole bit about the "tiny falsetto voice" singing Hey, Jude. There just does not exist a recording device that quite captures all the stuff I want to capture about my kids' childhood, and this sounds like one of those things that you can't quite capture. Do you have a tape recorder? a MP3 recorder? Whatever. I bought a digital recorder for my mom a year ago, and I swear that it captures the memories better than a camcorder. We underestimate our imaginations, I guess. Anyway, you gotta record Jack singing that!

smarmygal said...

He's also started singing the Sh'ma with me - which is the most important Jewish prayer. It just makes me tear up.