Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rush Tells Women to Go F%#@ Themselves

So I am sitting at the table this morning, bleary-eyed and trudging through the morning paper while Jack is fascinated by the Noggin website. The assault to my ears that is Rush Limbaugh came on to promote his afternoon show. I usually tune him out, since I have come to expect hyperbole, right-wing crapola and genuine trash to eminate from his pie-hole. Oh, but Rush took it to another level this morning.

Apparently done, for the moment, Obama-bashing, Rush started with Gloria Steinem. And not just her, but all "radical feminists." let's assume, for the sake of argument, that to Rush, "radical feminist" is anyone who a) wants equal pay for equal work, b) would like the goverment to stay the hell away from their uterus and c) maybe sometimes doesn't don a Playtex push-up.

In London, a Komodo Dragon has managed to asexually reproduce. A fact that I think is worth reporting on for the pure "how-the-hell-did-THAT-happen" angle, but as Rush took as a "women don't need men for anything anymore, not even procreation."

The mocking tone first thing in the morning is irritating, but the general gist of his 2 minute rant was that, Hey, why don't you "radical feminists" take a cue from his lizard and go fuck yourselves, since, you know, you don't need men for anything anymore.

I will proudly admit to being a Democrat, so Rush and I see eye-to-eye on exactly nothing, but, wait a minute here. This is 2009, people, how did feminists become a punchline AGAIN? I am baffled and a little sickened.


Jenny Penny said...

I laughed at your headline for this one. It's like, "KKK Snubs United Negro College Fund." Or something like that. I'm not a fan of Rush. He and Anne Coulter, while they might sometimes have an interesting piece of information or point to make, always detract from their points by being such horrible, ugly jackasses.

smarmygal said...

Agreed. I suppose they appeal to SOME element of the right wing, and I suppose that is their job, but they certainly aren't winning any fans in the middle.

I never listen to him, but I really had no idea that he had such a problem with women.

Shannon Baskind said...

Jenny brings up an interesting point.

I'd like to hear Rush and Anne Coulter have a "discussion" about this. I would imagine that Anne is a bit of a feminist, being a strong-willed, self-sufficient woman. She and Rush agree on many political points, but it may be fun to watch them fight this one out.

Or it would be, that is, if I could stand to listen to either of them for that long.