Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun While It Lasted

I've spent most of today having an existential crisis. How's that for a Wednesday?

It would seem to me that, after 90 days, I am not a good match for The Sitter Connection. Don't get me wrong - still a great group of people and ABSOLUTELY register and use their services. This is just not what I signed on for. We went from kind of a free-flowing "you're a floater" kind of schedule of 25 hours per week to having the phones forwarded to my house (my work phone in the basement) 4 days a week and doing a full-time job in 15 hours kind of situation quickly. Well, in 90 days, to be exact. I appreciate the fact that they are a growing company and needs shift and change, but this is a little more than I bargained for for $10 an hour, man.

So, my existential crisis is this: I am, fundamentally, at the very core of my being, NOT a quitter. I hate quitting things (except exercise regimens, I hate those) and I don't do it often and it makes me physically ill to quit anything that I think may be getting the better of me - as I think this job may be doing. Also - and this is BIG - I don't want to mess up my sitter situation. The Sitter Connection has been a God-send. Seriously - capital G - that is how good the service is. I don't want it to get all awkward and all of a sudden my sits aren't placed.

So, I am sitting here pondering today. I am not sire the owners' expectations of me are realistic and I am not sure I want to continue to "go with the flow" and continue the rapid-fire change. But I am REALLY sure that I hate quitting and REALLY, REALLY sure that I want to keep getting good sitters. Oy.

In other news, Jack has been bitten 10 times in the last 6 months at the JCC. I plan to post on this separately, so that parents searching for "Columbus JCC" can find the post on Google. Osi and I have an appointment at the Goddard School downtown tomorrow at 2. What a week - and it is only Wednesday.

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