Friday, February 15, 2008

Excited About the Weekend

Well, as excited as one with a sinus-induced migraine can be. Damn the Ohio weather all to hell!

The Cashmere Mafia and kiddies will be arriving in about 30 minutes (hm, should probably go round up the dust bunnies), for post-Valentine's Day play date. We haven't seen each other since Mandie's birthday extravaganza and, sadly, probably won't see each other til Feeb's birthday next month. Man, I love those gals, though.

Tonight we are going out with another Interfaith Couple. Yippe! Please note the capitalization. That is how excited I am to find another couple in our predicament. They are not yet married - not even engaged, but, man, I would like to play my part in getting them that way, just so we could celebrate Chrismukka together! We're going to temple services together then out to dinner. How very kosher (or non-, since we're reform, well, technically, I am still Catholic.). My friend Jenny found a t-shirt she said I should get it says "I'm Jew-ish". How true.

We're apparently going to the JCC to eat BBQ brisket and listen to jazz on Sunday. I have no idea. I don't ask questions when my husband takes the initiative to plan something. I just get the sitter, dude. I'll let you know how it goes.

Off to herd the dust bunnies!

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