Thursday, April 26, 2007

A New Chez Zimmer

In the span of 48 hours, we managed to reach an agreement on the sale of our home and, unbelievably, have our first offer accepted on the purchase of what I honestly hope will be our "forever home." That is moving a lot of real estate, people. We close on both properties on May 23rd and will be moving over Memorial Day. Sadly, I believe we're beyond paying people to help us move in pizza and beer, but the offer is out there.

It's completely weird knowing the people whose home you are buying. My mind has been racing for the past 4 days, mentally placing my furniture in Barney's house; erasing his artwork from the walls as if they were just a giant dry erase board.

Osi and I have come to the conclusion that while our collective "stuff" is great for the house on Bitterroot, it turns to crap the minute we move it into Cassingham. We now officially own a home that is waaaaay too nice for the stuff we have. I'm beginning to have a little bit of Central Bexley Panic. Apparently, the neighbor two doors down is a cellist in the Columbus Symphony. Uh, OK. So the neighbors have money AND culture? We're the frickin' Bexley Hillbillies. Property values will plummet the minute we park our jalopy in the driveway.

In other news, Jack an I remain on sabbatical in Cincinnati with Mom while Dad is in China. We went to the Newport Aquarium today. All of us were impressed. The shark tank alone is worth the visit and I think Jack really enjoyed it.

J's talking is slow going. Everything new is either "Ba" or "Da." This leads me to believe he is a genius when the new word I am trying to teach is "bath" or "duck" but leads to frustration on both ends when the word is "more" or "transcendentalism." He does seem to be a happy kid for the most part though, so I am trying to count those darn blessings and chug along.

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