Monday, April 23, 2007

Musical Homes

Yesterday turned out to be a very productive Sunday. We received an offer on our house - which made us giddy. It came with the provision that we vacate Chez Zimmer by May 18. Giddyup! That is less than 30 days to pack up 1600 square feet and 3.5 years of accumulated crap and move it across town to a house we have not yet found.

Team Zimmer shot into high gear. The offering couple was coming through the house again with somebody's father at 2, so we had to leave a spotless house for a few hours. As our house is usually far from spotless, there was work to be done, people. While the fine, upstanding Americans that are (hopefully) buying our home were making their final decisions (after all, dads tend to be deal-killers), Iron Lung Warner - our Realtor - managed to get us into a few houses in Bexley.

After seeing a "nice" house that would work, we ended up in the house of of Barney Brickner, the Zimmer Family Rabbi. He did Jack's naming and hosted a wine tasting at our house several months ago. I happen to love the man and have, in fact, been accused of stalking him on at least one occasion. The fact that I was now perusing the contents of his closets just seemed wrong. As it turns out, though, we loved the house. Great kitchen that'll be fantastic for entertaining, bedroom sizes that will FINALLY work, 2 full baths, a 1st floor den and the front porch I have been looking for.

So, the news to report for this Monday is that we appear to be in the early stages of negotiations on 2 houses. Yikes. Every step we take in this journey makes me more sure that this will absolutely be the last time we move. Straight from Rabbi Barney's house to the nursing home.

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naomic3 said...

Hey, I have your bin from the baby sale--betcha want it back NOW, eh? Also, if you need boxes for moving, let me know and I'll see what I can scrounge up here at the office. When I used to work for Coldwater Creek, they would also give away their nice shipping boxes--I can call over there to see if they have any. Shipments come on Tuesdays usually. Oh, also, I'm clearing out the summer clothes that Elliott outgrew and have a couple Jack-sized cute outfits if you're interested. :-)