Saturday, April 28, 2007

Home again, home again, Dancing a jig.

Jack and I have made our triumphant return to Columbus. This was, of course, after the tumult of leaving Grammy standing in the driveway in Cincinnati. As we pulled out, Jack suddenly realized the Giver of All Good Things was not coming with us and began wailing uncontrollably. As he is 18 months old, he was distracted by his new toy saxophone (I'll make a band geek of him yet) and Mr. Monkey 5 minutes out of the driveway. Sorry, Grammy.

We have the inspection on Cassingham on Monday. I'm looking forward to it. Breezing through your potential home with toddler in tow in 20 minutes and making an immediate offer is not the ideal way to find your Forever Home. So, Osi and I are both looking forward to spending a few hours in the house, going over each room inch by inch. We'll take pictures and measurements as well as using Mandie's highly-recommended inspector. We're hoping he finds a whole lot of nothin'. The inspection on Bitterroot is Wednesday. I am expecting the worst, as the guy who did the inspection for us three years ago was incompetent. (Uh, shout out to Conrad Fuchs at Protech. Never use them.)

That is all the brain dribble for now. Very tired. Shopping for a new bedroom set tomorrow. It is the last of the starter wife furniture to go. I am very excited about that. I believe a bonfire in the front yard on our final night would be fitting.


JennyFiore said...

Conrad Fuchs? FUCHS? Can you please add a pronunciation key? Reading of your last inspector, I'm reminded of my old landlady, Pat Overy. Maybe we could hook up Pat and Conrad? Mrs. Pat Overy-Fuchs? (BTW, I'm STILL not pregnant, so that hyphenate surname probably suits me best of all.)

smarmygal said...

Believe it or not, HE said Fuchs was pronounced Fox. Liar, liar, pants on fire.