Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Favorite Time of the Day

It is tempting, as a stay at home mom, to say that my favorite time of day is 9 a.m. (Monday, tuesday and Thursday), as I wave goodbye to my little angel as he enjoys the day with his preschool friends. Or naptime. Yeah, naptime is good. Or when he goes down for the night, without an argument, usually, and quiet encompasses the house.


My favorite time of the day is 8 p.m. almost every night. After bath time, and with The Backyardigans providing a musical backdrop, Mommy, Daddy, Farnnie and J all cuddle up in the big bed. We become one big pile of arms and legs (and paws), snoozing, laughing and talking. J lays there, perfectly happy, for 30 minutes and we can just BE. I can sniff his hair, snuggle up tightly to him and whisper sweet mommy nothings in his little ears. It is by far my favorite time of the day.

While it is easy to wish these 30 minutes could last forever, the truth is that the speeding mass of three-year-old boy that is Jickety Jack make that limited time each night what it is. The running, the sliding, the yelling and laughing all fade in that half hour. I can breathe in his sweetness and light and thank God that this is my boy and this is my family.


Tammy Howard said...

Beautifully put, Chris.

Osi said...

Thank you for writing this, Chris. I have always loved your posts, but I don't see how I'll ever enjoy one more that I've enjoyed this one. I love you!

Jenny Penny said...

The gospel truth. We have had a long phase of exruciating bedtimes since the baby arrived, but they're fading down again, and we're returning (I think, I hope) to the good ol' snuggly bedtimes that I loved so much with E. It's my favorite time of the day, too. What a loverly post.