Monday, May 4, 2009

Cart (near) Collision Kindness

I was absolutely stoked to get to the grocery store early this morning. I had managed to avoid the unending geriatric sea of people all wandering aimlessly, parking their carts mid-aisle to check out the speacial on prune juice. In fact, I made it through about half the store in record time. I believe that at one point, I may have been speed-walking down the cereal aisle. And then I hit a SNAFU.

A woman was traveling at an approximately equal rate of speed as I when we both wanted to turn into the baking aisle. I was making a right; she, a left.

Now, fine readers, let me ask you this: Do the rules of the road apply in the grocery store? Because if so, I believe we have a clear violation here. As I was turning, Bathsheba came, like a bat outta hell (I think I might have actually heard the cart wheels squeal) and darn near knocks into me. This would not have been catastrophic as I had not yet purchased my eggs, but still...

She actually looked annoyed with me. I stopped and said "After you..." and she proceeded on her way without acknowldgement of the near collision or my forfieture of what I believe was my legal right turn.

I believe that we rarely travel quickly enough through Kroger (or Piggly Wiggly, or wherever) to necessitate a road rules course in cart-coasting. However, we could all use a good refersher on common courtesy.

Wouldn't it be great if there were less tailgaiting (because those who refuse to bump it up to 65 on the highway actually stay in the left lane and no one really needs to be going 90)? Wouldn't it be spectacular if we cut people some slack because maybe - just maybe - they are having a bad day? Wouldn't it be awesome if there were more "after yous" and a lot fewer jockeying for the parking space 20 feet closer to the store?

Over the last year, I have really tried hard to be a better person. To really limit what I am saying about others, because how would I like it if I found out someone was sitting at a kitchen table discussing MY eyebrows (or gray hair or the size of my behind...) right now?

In addition to this, I would really like to start paying it forward, so to speak. I would like to initiate the thing that people pay forward - the random act of kindness. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all just pick one thing today - one simple thing - that would make someone else's life just a little easier and do it? Not a big deal to us, but maybe a big deal to them.

Try it with me, won't you? For a week? L see if it's addictive. I bet it is.


Jenny Penny said...

I'm in. I'm about to leave the house, and will be looking for opportunities while I'm out. I'll report back later. :)

Bev said...

I'm in! In fact today I ran an errand for an old couple at church b/c they couldn't and someone needed to!

Jenny Penny said...

First, congrats on the completion of the conversion. I'm happy for you! Second, I think this "assignment" has highlighted for me the isolation that is motherhood of young 'uns. I haven't found an opportunity yet for do-gooderneess, because I've been with my kids almost every waking moment. They suck all the do-gooderness out of me. Still looking, though. I really am!

Jessica said...

The rules of the road absolutely apply in grocery-cart settings, but seeing as how people don't even follow the rules of the road on the road itself, that does not bode well for other maneuvering. Good for you, adopting the better attitude. I strive to do the same.