Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Turn it off...

1. In the afterlife, will everyone be judged by the effect their offenses had on others, or just by the fact that they committed said offenses? It certainly would be interesting if you were held accountable for what someone else becomes because of you.

2. Who are we going to get to fill the Resolutions Chair for Sisterhood next year?

3. If I don't get rest tomorrow, the next day is Wednesday and Jack is going to, almost literally, wear my ass down into a puddle.

4. I wonder if she even thought about the note or if she is just laughing. Probably just laughing. People have the capacity to chance, but rarely do. I hope her kids are mocked. No, I don't. Yes, I do. A little. No, really, I don't wish that on any kid, even hers.

5. Why is the dog dreaming about running? This dog NEVER runs in her awake hours, why would she save all of her running up until she sleeps?

So ends a brief list of things that were running through my head as I tried to fall asleep last night. I wish the brain came with a "power down" mode. Don't you?


Tammy Howard said...

Oh heck yeah! And thinking about relaxing just makes it harder to relax. Get some rest, sweetie.

Shannon Baskind said...

I love your brain!

5. I prefer to run in my dreams, too, as opposed to waking hours. When awake, I find it foams up my beer.

4. I would be surprised if your note did not have a significant impact on her. I know from personal experience that time changes some people, softens at least some of them, and I think most of us eventually look back with regret on things that we once thought nothing of. If she does not feel badly about the way she treated you today, rest assured that she will one day. Chances are, she already does.

3. Tomorrow IS Wednesday. You really need rest - please get some, my friend!! Pop in a 2-hour Disney movie and nap behind him while he watches it!

2. Here's a thought: Don't fill it! Perhaps now is a good time to start whittling your SH board down to a number that is manageable in our current paradigm. Do you really need all of those board positions? (Just a question form a detached observer, of course.)

1. I often think about this. I do not believe we are "let off easy" just because something malicious we did had, in the end, a positive effect on our victim. If my dad had beaten me as a child (he did not), but that made me a better parent, I do not believe his actions would be justified. I can say, however, that I believe (hope!!) that if we are truly remorseful about our transgressions, it will make a difference in the end.

It has always been my personal philosophy that the way we treat our fellow humans is the one thing that must matter the most to any truly intelligent and benevolent deity. I hope to do enough good in my life to far outweigh the bad.

It's not like I'm that worried about going to heaven, mind you - it's just that so many of my friends (like you) are gonna be there!! ;-)