Monday, November 10, 2008

Weird Weekend

OK, I realize I still need to post on the election. I was speechless for several days afterward and now we have had new drama, so Barack is gonna have to wait for me to weigh in.

I was scheduled to go to Louisville this weekend for a Sisterhood conference. That, my friends, did not happen. Instead, 15 minutes before my ride was to arrive, there was an emergency squad in our driveway.

Osi has a pretty sever case of varicose veins. He has seen a vascular specialist about it and wore compression sock for a while, but decided a bout a year ago or so that he didn't need those anymore. While putting on his socks Friday morning, he ruptured one of them. Outside of the show ER and the pregnancy scare we had, I have never seen that much blood. Thank God dad was still here from the Browns' game the night before. He was able to watch The Toddler while I called 911 and accompanied Osi to the ER.

I can now say, with authority, that hydrogen peroxide will remove mass quantities of human blood from carpet. That must be the Mob's secret.

Osi was instructed to keep his leg wrapped and elevated, ergo, I did not leave Jack with him and truck off for what I had hoped was a relaxing girls' weekend.

Poor Jack was traumatized by the whole thing. He just wanted to go upstairs and see Daddy, but I didn't think it was a good idea for him to A) be in the way of the paramedics and B) see that much blood. His angst was deepened when both mommy and daddy took off in the big red, loud trucks with flashing lights.

Oswald is OK now, but I think it will take some time for Jack to get back to normal. I took him and Donovan down to Cincy on Saturday just to let Osi have time to rest. The fact that Osi wasn't there and he woke up in a strange bed only made a mountain out of the molehill of his confusion. Poor kid. 'Wald is at the doctor now, following up.

Adding to the weirdness, there are strange Latinos in my front yard blowing my leaves to the curb. I am not accustomed to random acts of kindness in our neighborhood (see the previous post about dude scaring the bejeezus out of the toddlers on Halloween) so I don;t know what to make of this new development. It can only be the work of said dude, who owns a landscaping company. So now I've got the guilt of calling him a dumbass weighing on me. I supposed I could just go ask the mysterious Mexicans what they are doing and who sent the Angels of lawn care, but that ain't how I roll. I have taken to peering intermittently through my blinds. Smooth, no?

Anyway, let us hope that this week is much less eventful than the last.

PS Also, I brought a stomach bug back from Cincy. Hurray!


Gila said...

let me just say again, "holy crap!" I would say that is by far the weirdest scariest weekend ever. and you're sick, too. that just sucks. hope he's ok - and convinced to wear the compression stocking again...

Gila said...

the "again" part is because I read the halloween one first...weird I know. sorry.

Jenny Penny said...

So, what happens now? Is this just something that happens with varicose veins and poses no further complications? I think you should've left the blood on the carpet, not divulged that Daddy had bled there, and the next time Jack touched the big-screen, you could've said, "Come with me, Jack. Let me tell you a little story about what happened to our FIRST child..."

Dark humor, I know. And he's too old not to notice a new blood stain on the carpet, right? Winter is upon me...

smarmygal said...

That's enough out of you, Sylvia! After the hydrogen peroxide, the steam cleaner pulled the rest of the blood right up!

Osi is fine and while he has many vericose veins, the doc (or nurse practitioner, at least) say they aren't that bad. So we are out of danger.

You guys are so very cool for your concern (and much needed humor on the situation). I am so lucky to have excellent friends, even if you are both WAY too far away.